Tajima Yoriko
Tajima Yoriko
Japanese Name
Rōmaji Name
Code Name
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Height 160cm
Weight 45kg
Status Alive
Occupation Student
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Image Gallery

Tajima Yoriko is one of the story's main characters. She heavily bullied Alice in the beginning and almost gets killed for it, but winds up letting Alice live in her apartment to fend off the Organization assassins.


A 15 years-old girl with swept up long black hair. Wears a blazer school uniform most of the time.


Yoriko has a grumpy look on her face most of the time. She disliked Alice for being weak-willed and gave her no pity about her miserable life, but was willing to respect her if Alice matured and learned to stand up for herself.

Abilities Edit

She's a normal girl with no fighting abilities.

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But honestly, as the Organization boss, Yoriko is themed after the Strepsiptera insects, also known as twisted-wing parasites. She has the ability to read minds and has been living for over a century.


Past Edit

Yoriko seems to have had a lonely childhood, as her mother died giving birth to her and her father was mostly absent from her life for unknown reasons.


Yoriko is first introduced as a bully who tormented Alice with her friends Kawanishi and Muraoka. Unbeknownst to her, Alice undergoes her assassin training from Kumo, so when Yoriko next harasses Alice, she almost gets her head shot off.

Yoriko tries to report Alice to the police, but is unable to due to the Organization's cleaners getting rid of all evidence. She becomes curious about Alice and winds up involved in her battle against Sasori. After this she lets Alice live at her home, so the homeless spider girl gets a roof over her head and Yoriko gets a bodyguard to protect her from the Organization.

After a while, Yoriko begins treating Alice more kindly, since Alice has been getting lots of injuries protecting her and the two have been through similar hardships. Yoriko tells Alice a kind person like her isn't much of a murderer anyway. This troubles Alice, as she does think of herself as a murderer and believes this to be a hurdle in befriending Yoriko and Oki.

During the Arachnid Hunt, Yoriko is repeatedly separated from Alice and has her life threatened numerous times, which culminates in Sasori suddenly stinging her with poison meant to cause instant death. She is thought to die, but reveals herself alive and well later to Alice, right after ordering Ginyanma to kill Suzumebachi. Yes, Yoriko is the leader of the Organization.

Alice is in disbelief at all this, so Yoriko explains that as an Strepsiptera person, she has such resistance to poison that even Sasori's red toxin only left her on a period of suspended animation. She can read Alice's thoughts and despite her looks is actually a century old. Yoriko is glad to have met Alice and promises to grant anything she wishes, but also has something to ask of her...


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