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Kurokawa Sara
Kurokawa Sara
Japanese Name
Rōmaji Name
Code Name Ari (Army Ant)
Gender Female
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Pink
Height 158cm
Weight 44kg
Occupation Student

Head of the Student Council

Affiliation The Organization

Student Council

Manga Debut Chapter 16
Image Gallery

Kurokawa Sara is the boss of The Organization and one of the main antagonists in Arachnid. At times, she refers herself as 'Queen of the Ants', as she rules her organization that can be said as 'ants'. However, it is revealed hat she isn't the actual 'Queen,' but merely the 'Surveillance,' and she serves Kuramoto, the actual 'Queen.'


She has a long, straight silver hair. Her eyes are light purple-colored. She wears an eye patch on her right eye.


She seems to enjoy controlling other students.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Other students feel the need to follow her and obey her.



Major FightsEdit


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