Japanese Name イモムシ
Rōmaji Name Imomushi
Code Name
Age Teenager (Caterpillar)

Young Adult (Arachnid)

Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Height 170cm
Weight 60kg
Family Mika Itou (Sister; deceased)
Occupation Assassin
Affiliation The Organization
Manga Debut Chapter 30
Image Gallery

Imomushi (イモムシ Imomushi lit. Caterpillar) is a young carefree woman, who chose not to participate in the Arachnid Hunt. She's known to be acquaintances with Kumo, Riock and Amenbo.


Imomushi has short blonde hair (or brown-blonde hair) and wears two hairpins in the left side. Her eyes are dark brown. Her clothes' color scheme are black, grey, and white.


Imomushi is a carefree girl, stand as one of 'onee-san' in the organization. She is actually always serious in whatever she does.

Abilities and PowersEdit

In the manner of a carnivorous caterpillar's way of attacking, Imomushi's shoes are able to nail her to the ground so she can swing back and forth to headbutt or punch her enemies. She calls this technique the Anchor Bolt Caterpillar Cannon.

Her strength is comparable to Kabutomushi's. She also shows little effect from any poison-based attacks.





Major FightsEdit




  • She is the main character of the spin-off, Caterpillar.
  • Within both series' Arachnid and Caterpillar, she searches for answers on how her sister died. It's suggested Suzume Bachi had more to do with it than he lets on.
    • It is revealed by Suzume Bachi that Imomushi wasn't related to her sister by blood.
  • Imomushi's real name is Miki Inou.

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