Japanese Name
Rōmaji Name Hibiki
Code Name Kamadouma (Camel Cricket)
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 180cm
Weight 80kg
Occupation Student
Affiliation The Organization
Manga Debut Chapter 12
Image Gallery

Hibiki is a supporting character in Arachnid. He is a macho guy, attracted to males, is somewhat like a tsundere, and is obsessed with justice and love.



Hibiki 'serves' justice and love. He talks about 'justice' and 'evil' all the time when he first debuted in the manga. Although he is an assassin, he is a honest and fair guy, although sometimes he acts like a tsundere.

Hibiki is shown to possess a strong will that he uses to endure massive amount of pain like the time when he is stung by Dinoponera's poisoned needle that venom is worth a thousand dinoponera bites and manages to stand up on his feet and keep fighting.

He is also homosexual, which is confirmed when he accidentally says yes when Oki asks him if he is a "bloody homo." Despite this, he fantasized having sex with Alice when he spoke of his love for Kumo, and assumed she was Kumo's apology gift to him.

Abilities and PowersEdit



It seems that he became an assassin in The Organization when he was still an innocent kid. He was taught by many insects, but Kumo influenced him the most (and he is his best teacher). He admires Kumo (he believes that he loves him) so much, and want to avenge his death.


Major FightsEdit


  • He is presumably a tsundere, as he likes to state "Don't misunderstand..." and states reasons (which is one of tsunderes' trait), especially when saving Alice.

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