Chapter 72
Title Chapter 72
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Cover Fuji Alice
Volume Number 14
Release Date December 2015
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Previous Chapter 71
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This article contains plot details about an upcoming episode.


Some time after Yoriko's death, the army ant students have successfully turned all of Japan into a sex zombie apocalypse as per the late boss' design - despite presumably not having a queen anymore - and everyone's raping and getting raped. Amidst all this turmoil, Alice and Oki are hiding on the latter's home and underground bunker.

Oki laments how even Hibiki and Geji got zombified while Alice regrets her various losses and also misses her Kumoito. To cheer Alice up, Oki makes a nice speech on how glad she is to still have her and gets a big hug in response. Of course, the roach girl's ulterior motive is to exploit Alice's emotional vulnerability and finally have sex with her.

However, Alice leaves the bunker while she's not looking, having resigned herself to being a lone wolf and also fearing she would snap and hurt Oki whenever she inevitably tried to put the moves on her. The final scene has Alice fighting off the wandering zombies, reflecting on how even though her future remains uncertain and she still hasn't much of a choice but to keep killing, she's determined to survive to the end.

Epilogue Edit

In the epilogue added for Volume 14, an annoyed Oki and her goth-loli-clad master Kabutomushi are seen wandering a ruined city in search of Alice. The whole place seems eeriely quiet, with no zombies in sight.


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