Chapter 72
Title In Order to Live
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Cover Fuji Alice
Volume Number 14
Release Date December 2015
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Previous Chapter 71
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It's been nearly a month since an organization of assassins ruined a schoolgirl's day and kickstarted a zombie epidemic out of a dozen horny students. On her underground bunker, Oki watches the so called "Gang Rape Terrorist Attack" being reported on television until the hapless reporter is run over by the zombies.

Oki is in disbelief that the army ants actually went this far and remarks that even Hibiki and Geji must have been raped since she last saw them. Next to her, Alice is rolled up on a blanket feeling like crushing Kuramoto's neck might not have been the best idea after all. Oki assures her that something like this would've happened anyway. She says the Organization will take advantage of the situation to kill indiscriminately under the pretense of peacekeeping until they finish their utopic society.

To cheer Alice up, Oki gives a nice speech on how much she respects her for putting the safety of others above her own. Alice gives her a big hug in response, saying Oki is particularly important to her... and seemingly unaware of how thirstily the roach is looking at her.

Shockingly enough, Oki has been half-pretending to be Alice's friend all this time and just wants to fuck her senseless, even if she has to resort to rape to get it done. But when Oki goes to pounce on Alice at midnight all she finds is a brief farewell letter.

Walking the zombie-infested streets at night, Alice monologues that while she actually wouldn't mind surrendering herself to Oki she has accepted that ultimately she's a natural born maniacal murderer and eventually would snap and kill the roach for whatever reason. In fact, Alice feels much better cracking skulls of would-be rapists with a shovel than hiding in safety with her last friend. Even if she's alone and without her trusty Kumoito, Alice has chosen to keep killing and is determined to survive to the end.

Epilogue Edit

In the epilogue added for Volume 14, Oki and Kabutomushi are looking for Alice in a deserted city. Working to keep her promise to Kumo even now, Kabuto states that the Organization is most likely still stalking Alice and that they might even have her captured in their headquarters. Oki is concerned, but is also frustrated over being ditched and claims that once they find Alice she'll violate her over and over again.


Trivia Edit

  • Chapter 72 taking place 28 days after the zombie outbreak starts is likely a reference to the horror film 28 Days Later.