Chapter 70
Title I Suppose It's Almost Time We End Things, Hm?
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Release Date October 2015
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Having explained her past and motives, Yoriko wants Alice to take over her father's place as Suzumebachi. Alice is in disbelief that the person who ruined her family and set a hit on her head now wants her to put all of that aside while a sniper aims on her.

Yoriko argues that with her natural abilities and strong personality Alice would have turned into a murderer even if the Organization never did anything to her and that it's for the best that they join forces to take control over the country. However, Alice decides she'd rather risk dying and let the world turn into hell than let Yoriko control her mind.

Ginyanma fires on Alice at Yoriko's order, but Alice pulls Suzumebachi's corpse over herself to block the bullet and is able to detect the source. Alice concentrates heavily and shoots the Kumoito all the way to the building Ginyanma is standing on, cutting a large gap through her head.

Unable to retract her weapon, Alice collapses in exhaustion and looks at Suzumebachi sadly. Yoriko then takes Alice in her arms, ominously saying it is time to put an end to this.