Chapter 69
Title I Want It To Be You
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Release Date September 2015
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About a century before the start of the series, a couple in Japan found their daughter's body had stopped growing when she was six years old. After fighting over who was to blame by the girl's supposed malnutrition they turned to harshly scold and beat her. This went on until, all of a sudden, the father became incredibly caring and protective towards her.

The truth is that the girl had realized her power to control the actions of others and turned her father into a "suzumebachi" slave. When the mother grew suspicious of her spouse's actions she tried to kill the girl but was instead killed by the man, who then hanged himself.

After this the girl began to test out the conditions of her strange ability. People had to both accept the role and be strong in body and in mind. And it only worked on one person at a time. She went on to control and kill several men one after the other, growing more powerful every time, until she ended up pursuing the path of war with Hideki Tojo as her puppet. When dealing with Japan's loss at World War II, she secretly arranged with the Allied Forces for the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a way to prevent the country from being conquered and divided, and to deplete its population.

She then went out looking for a younger person to be the next suzumebachi. A orphaned boy named Ushijima selling at a black market caught her eye and she adopted him, even renaming herself after his late mother, Yoriko, out of sentimentalism. The two go on to establish The Organization and hire all sorts of assassins to do their bidding.

50 years later, Yoriko and Ushijima stand on a graveyard as she tells him to pick a grave, for to pass on the suzumebachi role to Togawa Jin he must kill himself. Although Ushijima doesn't mind dying for Yoriko, he's frustrated at not being able to stay by her side anymore. By this point Yoriko isn't really shaken at losing someone she regarded as family, but she does feel something wrong within her.

After Togawa becomes Suzumebachi, Yoriko is unable to completely control him even after forcing him to kill his ex-lover. Her body begins to age again as well. Yoriko figures she can only perform her possession trick one more time before she becomes an ordinary person.

In the present day, Alice is trying to process everything Yoriko just told her. From her mortal duel with Kumo to all the hurdles she faced in the Arachnid Hunt, everything was meant to judge if Alice could become the ultimate suzumebachi companion to Yoriko. Now she must decide whether to accept those terms or not.


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