Chapter 68
Chapter 68
Title Chapter 68
Chapter Information
Cover Tajima Yoriko
Release Date August 2015
Pages 24
Chapter Guide
Previous Chapter 67
Next Chapter 69
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Yoriko has come back from her presumed death via scorpion stinger, talking about how she had no idea Sasori had something like that and how glad she is to see that her friend also survived. Alice of course is skeptical and demands she reveals her true identity. Yoriko then calmly introduces herself as the girl whom Alice has been living with for the past few weeks... and the real boss of the Organization.

Moreover, Yoriko reveals she has the abilities of Strepsiptera insects, such as poison immunity and agelessness. She claims that over the past 100 years of her life, being friends with Alice has made her the most happy. But now is time for business and while Yoriko promises to grant Alice anything she wants, she has something to ask of her in return.


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