Chapter 67
Chapter 67
Title Chapter 67
Chapter Information
Cover Fuji Alice, Suzume Bachi
Release Date July 2015
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Previous Chapter 66
Next Chapter 68
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Suzumebachi finally lies defeated and heavily injured on the ground, impressed at his daughter's prowess. Alice asks him what are his reasons for killing her mother and targetting her now despite how he used to look after them from afar.

He explains that although the Boss controlled his mind for years, they could never sever the feelings he held for his family. As a test of loyalty, the Boss eventually ordered Suzumebachi himself to kill Ayana and Alice.

One day when Ayana was waiting for Alice to come home come home while washing dishes, she's driven to tears upon seeing Jin Togawa, bald but still wearing the same old clothes, standing behind her. Ayana embraced him, half-thinking she's hallucinating from an overdose of anti-depressants, and begged him to stay.

Instead Suzumebachi apologetically injected a lethal toxin from Sasori into Ayana, killing her instantly. On the next instant Suzumebachi could already hear the Boss demanding he killed Alice as well, but overcome with grief and self-loathing, he refused to do so and left.

Back in the present day, Suzumebachi concludes his explanation by saying that instead of punishing him the Boss manipulated Alice into becoming a formidable assassin. Alice then asks her father to tell her everything he knows about the Boss, but before he can do so he's shot dead by Ginyanma, the same sniper he had previously prevented from killing Alice.

As it turns out, Ginyanma is working under direct orders of the Boss and is standing at a distance of 5 km from the Ouran school. Alice's in a panic trying to think of how to avoid and counter sniper fire, but suddenly a familar voice says she won't let Ginyanma kill her that easily. It is Yoriko, who seems to somehow have survived their encounter with Sasori. She's got something to ask of Alice...


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