Chapter 40
Chapter 40
Title Allow Me to Beat You Down
Chapter Information
Cover Hibiki
Volume Number 9
Pages 20
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After launching Dinoponera across the corridor with a Rider Kick, Hibiki states nobody will kill Alice before he does. But then he looks back and realizes the one he just saved isn't Alice but instead some beetle girl he doesn't know.

Dinoponera sheepishly calls Hibiki's attention and asks him where Alice is. Hibiki claims he has an idea of where to look but isn't telling unless he's defeated. Dinopo is happy to oblige.

Elsewhere, Oki calls baloney on what Kirigirisu said about the identity of Alice's father. Alice herself isn't feeling very well and wonders why, recalling she started feeling strange when she confronted Suzumebachi in the Stundent Council room...

In the Conference room, Geji has just untied herself from Alice's strings. Kirigirisu catches her in the act, but says he doesn't mind that she overheard what the true identity of Alice's father is. She asks him why is Alice being hunted if that is true, but the violinist ignores the question and tells her to get out immediately, as the Ouran school will soon become a hunting ground for the strongest bugs.