Chapter 22 (Caterpillar)
Chapter 22 (Caterpillar)
Title Chapter 22
Chapter Information
Cover Imomushi
Volume Number 3
Pages 22
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Imomushi is chilling at the stern of the Ageha cruise ship, just waiting for any of the dozens of bugs lurking around the ship to challenge her. Soon enough an assassin does appear, and it's Sasori the nurse at that. Imomushi reminds her that the Organization assassins don't actually have any reason to be killing each other, but Sasori provokes her by showing the black envelope she has and throwing it over.

While Imomushi is distracted, Sasori throws a scalpel at her face, seemingly killing her instantly. However, Imomushi actually caught it with her teeth and retaliates with a catapult punch. She holds Sasori at gunpoint, claiming she's 400 million years too early to be taking on a caterpillar.

...And then she notices Sasori stung her in the neck with something at some point. It was the Swoon Toxin Scorpio, one of Sasori's three special poisons, and it quickly causes Imomushi to fall down asleep. Licking her lips, Sasori then carries Imomushi and quips: "The real fun begins now, Princess."